Start Your Life Ambition in 2018

Have you ever spent time designing your future? Can you see it? Do you know what it looks like? Many of us make some plans for change at the start of a new year, but what if you did this with the next 20 years in mind?

Unlike any plan or resolution you may make for the start of 2018, The Personal Business Plan works on plotting, visualising and documenting an overarching life ambition that will steer your actions, provide direction and finally, give you the courage to commit.

One of the strongest guiding principles within the Personal Business Plan centres on knowing yourself, and knowing what to do when times are tough. Establishing your internal wellbeing benchmark by comparing good times to bad, allow you to define your life anchors and reveal alignments in your life between your interests, competencies and possibilities.

The Personal Business Plan is a 10 step journey, conducted across 12 months, being the ideal time frame to initiate change and start to see some of the benefits. These 10 steps are more broadly categorised under the following grouping:

·        UNDERSTAND YOURSELF – Analyse your past and present

·        IDENTIFY YOUR DRIVERS – Grasp your personality

·        REINVENT YOURSELF – Set your goals

·        DESIGN YOUR FUTURE – Plan and execute

The symbol of The Personal Business Plan is the 4 leaf clover. After completing the exercises with your coach or through the online program, you will come to discover your main driving forces. By documenting these through written statements and visuals, you will be confident to commit yourself to your own Personal Business Plan.

Throughout this process, you will also discover how to become agile, how to reinvent yourself and most importantly, how to be happy. Anyone with plans for 2038?

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