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    Melinda Weston Career Consulting helps individuals find clarity in their strengths and personal values, which underpin successful career transitions and advancement in the workplace.

    We also help organisations to increase employee engagement by taking positive action to decrease staff underperformance and hiring costs.

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Career Consultant

Conveniently located in Melbourne CBD

‘A trusted ally in the job transition process’ – Client Jan 2020

An experienced Career Consultant based in Melbourne CBD with a speciality in assessing a client’s values and strengths, Melinda provides an achievable, manageable plan to find meaningful and appropriate outcomes for a client’s stage of life. We do this though using proven career concepts and tested methodologies that assist in assessing and reframing life and career hurdles being faced.

Melinda’s strength as a Career Consultant comes from a background that consists of extensive experience in management and recruitment, with clients such as Qantas, NAB, Telstra and QBE. Having worked in boutique as well as large organisations, Melinda brings a commercial, yet tailored and personal approach to her clients.

Career Consulting

For Individuals

Every career is unique. We provide the opportunity to explore all options and will support you in the exploration of re-training, business start-ups or a new career path

Career Consulting

For Organisations

Providing respect, understanding and professionalism during times of change. We bring a positive approach to your workplace that aims to relate to all employees.


‘Thank you again for all your help as per your advice it came from my existing network. I learned a lot from you and do not know how I would have navigated this rocky co-vid landscape with out your help’.

Amanda M, June 2020Outplacement Client

‘Melinda’s energy and commitment in assisting me were commendable. After our first discussion I felt like she understood me which made what she advised and said worth so much more. I will be using all new tools that have been provided to me. Thanks :)’.

D.G, March 2020Outplacement Client

‘Melinda has been a god send, empathetic, supportive, encouraging and all with a great sense of humour’.

A.R, Dec 2019

‘Melinda was absolute gold and much more than I was expecting before I began , having never utilising  Outplacement support before..

She created such a positive , individual tailored space, that I was able to move through the “difficult rawness & scars” of my recent  work situation and start exploring options .    And she kept it  “real” which resonated hugely’.

M.M November 2019Client who completed a complete career transition

‘Melinda was very helpful & professional & understood where I was coming from & what I needed and as a result I feel in a much better position to seek the job I’m looking for’.

Damien C, October 2019

‘Melinda’s coaching expertise has prepared me well for my interviews. She checked and helped me prepare myself for the transition. She taught me how to best answer the key selection criteria’

L.D, March 2019

‘Just completed your survey but wanted to thank you for introducing me to Melinda. It was a fantastic experience and I found her advice and support invaluable!’ 

Melissa, Feb 2018

‘I really enjoyed working with Melinda, she is a gem, helped me regain the confidence to move further with my career and created very good documentation for me to use’.

Mariana, Feb 2018

‘I was despairing about my job prospects. I felt isolated and alone and unsure of the way forward. Then I met the amazing, talented and supportive Melinda and we mapped out a career plan & rewrote my CV. I stopped feeling alone. This was the best part of the experience for me. Then we used my new CV, cover letter & selection criteria to apply for a few jobs. I have an interview tomorrow! We’ve practised together for it. Feeling confident. Wish me luck! Can’t thank Melinda enough!’   

Kathryn, November 2017

‘Thank you so much for your help, your assistance has been invaluable’.

Karl P, Dec 2017

‘Melinda instantly put me at ease allowing me to speak freely and honestly. Together we
explored my options. I finished the meeting with some much needed clarity and focus’.

Cherine, Aug 2017

‘Thank you Melinda for your professionalism, advice, and all the support you gave me
throughout my program’.

Allan, July 2017

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