Career Anchors

Career Anchors represent a unique combination of career competence, motives, and values, individual to each of us. Career anchors are shaped over time; however, it is important to ensure that they are secure for where you are right now.

All evidence behind strength based studies (such as Gallup) shows that in order to be happy at work, we will ideally be using our strengths, on a very regular basis. For everyone who has ever felt disengaged, or in a role that was incompatible with their abilities, adopting this approach will answer a lot of questions for you.

Career anchors help identify the specific roles and disciplines that fit your style, skills, methods, and talents. Based on a self-assessment , the outcome will provide the chance to reflect on past experiences in workplace settings to help to gain a picture and narrative of the environment, work style, pace, which is most enjoyable and productive.

Edgar Schein created the concept of career anchors, primarily focusing on 8 categories, then further broken down to gain insight to uncover your ‘non-negotiable’ career anchor. For those who are a lost in their career, this can be a powerful and motivating focus to rebuild from, whether it be applied to a current role or the trigger for a career transition.

With a stronger focus and awareness of strengths of employees, companies can start building more positive work cultures, retaining more employees, and most importantly, keeping their workforce engaged.  Gallup studies show that employee productivity increases by 21% when in roles that use the individual’s strengths. Makes sense!

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