You’ve done well, so now what?

You’ve climbed the corporate ladder, been at the top of your game, managed and maintained an exceptional professional network, and love what you do. So, what’s next?

All of these achievements are deeply satisfying, but how do you keep the momentum up if something changes? Do you have a resounding belief that you’ll know what to do when you don’t know what to do?

Learning Agility is a key factor in reinventing yourself when you’re at a loss as to where to go next. It is primordial for your success in work and life that you become able at discerning when you are confronted with something new, accepting that you have to react in a different manner than usual.

The word Agile is very familiar these days, but did you know the construct of Learning Agility consists of five dimensions:

Many of us struggle the most with Change Agility. Mental plasticity can be one of the slowest areas to make change in, as so many of us are content within our own comfort zone.

The key to working on change agility is to take risks, take the road less travelled and have the courage to back yourself.  Continually reinventing yourself comes with doing things differently, creating new neural pathways, which assist us seeing the world through a new and different lens.

Becoming change agile is just one part of what you’ll learn and formulate within your own Personal Business Plan.

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