Easter Long Weekend – How’s Your Ambition Tracking?

You may have read my last article- Start Your Life Ambition in 2018. How is 2018 going for you?

Easter is my favourite holiday period, 4 days off to contemplate and take stock – not too far into the year, and the change in weather is often refreshing, no matter where you are. It’s a great time to catch up with family and friends, but have you had the chance to put some of those niggling 2018 changes into place yet?

Let’s break The Personal Business Plan down a little more, just to get started.

What you’ll need is a watch, notepad and pen, calendar (I like using my iPhone calendar)

Let’s start with 2 questions, write down as much as you can (brainstorm) under the following headings, for 6 minutes. There is no right or wrong. Dot points or single words are fine and do write down what comes to you immediately. Here, you really must trust yourself and ensure you are not hiding anything that comes up in your thought process.  This is your life, and you are making changes for the better.

1) What baggage of the past must I let go of?

This is where you define the baggage that you carry around and that you need to let go of, in order to move on and have the courage to be true to yourself. This is one of the most essential questions in The Personal Business Plan. It’s about knowing yourself, and trusting that gut feeling when you know things aren’t right.  Remember, we are talking about all parts of your life here, work, and personal.

Getting this out on paper should give yourself a sense of relief.  It’s right there, in black and white. These issues are your most pressing.  This is the start of how you will change your approach, continue to stay relevant in all areas of your life, become agile, and of course, be the best version of yourself – and there can be more than one!

2) What is meaningful to me right now?

This question is about articulating your personal definition of ‘What is important to me right now?’ and establishing your own internal Wellbeing benchmark.  Look at your life anchors, current situations, and ask, is there is an alignment between my interests, competencies and possibilities?

Here, you might also ask yourself, ‘What preoccupies me right now?’. Ask yourself if these are relevant limitations for you, and what the possibilities would be if you put some different actions around a few stumbling blocks in your way.

This is just the start of The Personal Business Plan, which is a powerful tool, enabling you to start delivering on your own promises towards yourself.  After this brainstorm, set some action plans around the points you have made, then set some regular milestones to keep yourself accountable.  At The Personal Business Plan, we call this a psychological contact- a reasonable time in the future, in which you feel this can be achieved. So, put the date into your calendar, and hold yourself accountable to it. You will feel rewarded when you start to do things that you like doing, and doing less of what you don’t like doing.

For further information on The Personal Business Plan, please contact Melinda Weston at melindaweston@thepersonalbusinessplan.com, or visit our site, www.thepersonalbusinessplan.com