Career Coaching – Who Needs It?

Ever considered career coaching? Asking for help can be difficult, sometimes we only truly reach out when things are bad or, really urgent. Many of us rely on our friends and family to give us the feedback and advice we need, but what if you need a fresh perspective on planning your future? Enter the career coach..

It takes a leap of faith to ask for help, to communicate your needs, and ideally be in a coachable mindset.  So, what can be gained from engaging a career coach?  With so many twists and turns in both life and career, consulting a career coach can help in so many stages across a lifetime to provide an external perspective and some up to date advice.

Some of the services available from a Career Coach:

1)     Students / graduates – Education on networking and what to expect when applying for graduate programs. Resume, LinkedIn and job search advice is also in high demand at this stage of life.

2)     Return to work parents – Re-entering the workforce can be daunting, advice on finding flexible work, communicating your brand and refreshing job interview skills can be invaluable.

3)     Redundancies – Coping with the shock of redundancy, unexpected change and the emotions that go with it is not something anyone should be doing alone. Re-framing and figuring out the next move while having an experienced coach to talk to is essential at this time in life.

4)     Career Transition – Never quite got to the job of your dreams? Let’s talk about how I can help you re-position yourself to get there. Become aware of your transferable skills, seek out new opportunities, all to position you towards your next job.

5)     Negotiating a pay rise or promotion –  Been delivering the goods but not seeing the rewards? Devise a value proposition based on your achievements, and present to your employer.

6)     Job Interview practice – You’ve been for a dozen interviews, but you’re always the runner up.  Let’s work on what you’re missing, and hone your skills to nail that job interview

7)     Executives – After achieving so much, there’s still more to be explored. Let’s look at your life holistically, reassess and clarify what you really want in your next phase.

8)     3rd Age – Downsizing and considering working less hours. You still have a lot to give- how can you make the most out of this time and continue to contribute?

These are just some of the areas where I provide career coaching on a regular basis. Earlier, I mentioned getting a ‘fresh perspective’. An extremely valuable part of engaging a coach is the fact they are 100% committed to working with you strategically, in order to achieve the gains and outcomes you’re looking for. Coaches can help you see things pragmatically, with no hidden agenda or biases (hello, relatives and friends).

So, even if it’s brushing up on bridge, like Bill Gates, or if you’d like to be the next Bill Gates, take a step forward and engage a coach (it can move mountains)

Melinda Weston is a Professional Member of the CDAA (Career Development Association of Australia) based in Melbourne CBD. Melinda is available to consult face to face (outside of COVID restrictions) and via Zoom or phone. See, or email for further enquiries